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Wifi Antenna Booster | Alfa 1000mw review

The Alfa Wifi antenna booster is a good wireless network range extender for those experience weak wifi signal. Alfa 1000mw is inexpensive USB wifi adapter that can operate under 802.11b/g . The best part is it comes with the 9dBi antenna which is enough to cover approximately 1km radius, but depend on the situation. You have to put your wifi antenna booster where there is no blockage such as wall or building. The most important thing to consider while using this wifi antenna booster is the link quality.

Wifi Antenna Booster Signal Link VS Signal Strength

wifi antenna booster

Make sure the AP or wireless access point that you want to connect must have 50% and above link quality. The link quality will determine your connection is good or not, if the link quality is bad no matter how high the signal strength is, you will experience low speed internet connection. The wifi antenna booster can help you improve the link quality.

How dBi effect your wifi antenna booster

Ever heard about dBi? dBi is a measurement for antenna gain high dBi means high gain. Most people always make mistake when choosing wifi antenna booster. They just but the antenna according to dBi, more dBi means more power per watt thet your usb adapter must produce. Your USB wifi adapter itself must be able to coop with the antenna gain. from my experience 10dBi wireless antenna would perform better with 1000mW usb wifi adapter. In this case Alfa 1000mw is the great choices of wifi antenna booster.

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alfa wifi booster review