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Wifisky 2000mW USB Wifi Signal Booster Review

Currently I am using wifisky 2000mW Usb wifi signal booster with 6dBi antenna to boost my internet connection. This usb wifi adapter is very powerful and cheap. its been 4 months using this adapter and i haven’t experience any problem with it and totally satisfied with the performance. The wifi signal boost is mostly up to 80% and the range it covered with 6dBi wireless antenna is up to 1km radius.

Wifisky 2000mW USB Wifi Signal Booster
USB Wifi Signal Booster
Wireless signal

From the picture you can see that there are big different after i am using wifisky. The signal went up from 1 or two bar to full bar and it also detected new wifi connection within the 1km radius.

Wifisky also comes with backtrack 3 which can be used for wireless security purpose. Since wifisky wifi antenna booster are using Realtek 8187 driver which works with all operating system including Linux. I have a problem with my build in broadcom43 wireless chipset, luckily the wifisky support linux platform. The Realtek RTL 8187 chipset comes with user interface software that allow user to monitor the wireless connection signal and link quality.

realtek 8187 user panel software
Realtek 8187

The software also provide option to create the virtual wireless access point which is a good option for those who have smartphone with wifi, iPad or iPod.

My advice is if you have a wireless connection in 1km radius range, just buy the 6dBi antenna because the range covered is much wider but less distance, compare to 10 dBi antenna which is less wider but cover longer distance. Overal Wifisky is the best usb wifi signal booster.


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