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Top 10 free Antivirus

Top 10 free antivirus lists from my experience. I already tried all of them and they doesn’t suck at all, although they are free but they offer the same functionality. The free antivirus are suitable for those who run out of budget buying full version of any paid antivirus. rather than pay for 1 year subscription you can get the same function free for life. This is my top10 free antivirus.


Currently using this antivirus on all my pcs and laptop. It has a basic functionality such as web guard and real time protection. The problem with the free antivirus version is the annoying popup ask you to buy full version of it. Never mind i am used to it. Avira Free Antivirus works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.



This is another kick ass free antivirus available on the internet but i don’t really like it because the database is always absolute. Some worms can pass through the free version of the AVG. AVG Free Antivirus works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.



This could be new for some people but clamwin is a well known antivirus that able to detect most of the latesst worms and trojan on the market. The reason include Clamwin free antivirus in my top 10 free antivirus is because it is a open source antivirus for windows.



Oe of the oldest antivirus that still competed in the market. The specialty of the avast antivirus is, it has a heuristic scanning function which will detect the previous unknown virus inside your pc. Avast Free Antivirus available on all version of windows.



Comodo free antivirus, as though as its name comodo offer realtime protection and faster virus detection that will protect your computer from any malicious threat. Comodo also available as a portable apps that can be installed inside your usb or as standalone antivirus.


Panda Cloud
Panda Cloud is the newest addition to my free antivirus lists. I tried to install in my pc but it lack of updated database, but the memory consumption is quite low compare to Avira. I recommend this free antivirus for those who owned low ram/memory capacity.


Immunet Protect Free

You can run Immunet Protect Free Antivirus along with other free antivirus to maximize your protection against threat, rootkit worms and spyware. But beware of the memory consumption when you install multiple antiviruses, you might have to turn them off while playing games unless you got higher memory capacity.


PC-Tool Antivirus Free

One of my favorite top 10 free antivirus. The PC-Tool Antivirus Free version is the simplest tools to remove threat, it scan detect and give you option to delete or ignore the virus. I use this free antivirus as a on off antivirus when i have a problem removing some stubborn threat.


Digital Defender

For those who have stable internet connection you can use this version of free Digital Defender antivirus. It has daily basis updated antivirus database. Can be install on all version of windows.


Microsoft Security Essentials

Available on most windows pc, it protect your pc from the basic threat. Just turn them on and they will protect you from some famous malware and spyware. Still can be on my top 10 free antivirus.



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