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VPN To Bypass ISP Bandwidth Limit


I read few blogs mentioned about the capability of VPN services to bypass the ISP bandwidth limit. There are lot of speculation regarding this issue, some people may say it is impossible to bypass the bandwidth limit since any traffic that flow will go through the ISP filters. Yes it is true that all the traffics is monitor by your internet provider even you use VPN.

VPN explaination on youtube

The thing is, VPN can do a lot more rather than to bypass the bandwidth limit, I have tested few vpn services that able to bypass the limited speed on certain ISP. I was able to get full speed compare to when i am not using VPN and one VPN services that I use have the ability to bypass the bandwidth limit. The trick behind this is to scan the end router port configuration to the right available port that handle incoming and outgoing traffics either its tcp,udp or icmp. I found the flaw mistakenly by scanning through the available ports.

Seriously I have no idea what I am doing, the possibility could be the flaw with the router setting which allow burst able data or the speed is set to full or auto. Update!! Obviously it was a flaw since it work for 3G carrier provider only. There is could be vulnerabilities in the network.

What is VPN?
The easiest word to describe VPN is the term bypass. It will tunnel all your encrypted traffic between your computer and internet. VPN will act like a middle negotiator that will control the traffics the way it meant to be such as censorship, limitation and few other internet access services. Most of the vpn services require client side software which allow only user with permission to access the network.



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