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The Alfa Wifi antenna booster is a good wireless network range extender for those experience weak wifi signal. Alfa 1000mw is inexpensive USB wifi adapter that can operate under 802.11b/g . The best part is it comes with the 9dBi antenna which is enough to cover approximately 1km radius, but depend on the situation. You have to put your wifi antenna booster where there is no blockage such as wall or building. The most important thing to consider while using this wifi antenna booster is the link quality.
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As I promise before (Cheap Solution for Wireless Antenna Booster (Homemade Wireless Antenna) I would like to give instructions on how to create your own wireless signal booster. Right now i am using free Wireless connection from school 500 meters from my house. Before this I couldn’t even connect to Google due to terrible wireless signal. In this tutorial I am using Aztech 802.11b/g USB Adaptor. If you have wireless pci card, the procedure still the same. By doing this you can increase your wireless signal up to 12Db. If …