Trading Idea EURCHF : 3rd Week December 2015

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eurchf december 2015 trading

I found a nice market movement on EURCHF on H4 timeframe, this pair forming decending triangle pattern during 2nd week December 2015 on H4 time frame. The price keep rejecting the big round number 1.08, as usual if this happen, there must be a big force to break the price either upward or downward. My decision point is at 1.08 where long entry will be placed. It is good to lock profit at 30 pips and 2:1 R:R trade.

Possible uptrend after descending triangle pattern breakout by matpjoe on

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Trading Idea GBPUSD : 2nd Week December 2015

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Trading IDEAS for GBPUSD 8 december 2015

At 7:20 PM GMT+8 H4 candle is currently testing the support area between price 1.5010-1.4990, I am looking for long opportunity if the price fail to break the support area untill current candle is closed. My buy signal will be green candle on the next closed H4 candle. It is good to have trailing stop at 30 PIP. Good R:R will be 1:1.

Otherwise, if the price able to break the support, i will not take any trade and will look for another buy oportunity.

8-December-2015 7:25 PM GMT+8

Another short term buy for GBPUSD by matpjoe on

Update 9/12/2015
Close trade with profit. You can click on the play button on the chart to see the uptrend continue after green candle formation.

Trading Idea GBPJPY : 2nd Week November 2015

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I will start my trading forex trading journey by posting my weekly view on certain pairs, mostly it will be major pairs. My view on GBPJPY will be downtrend until 184.50 – 184.10 area, I couldn’t predict the exact price since every broker will have different chart and candle, the only way to decide an exit is to set a range of minimun 10 pips to 30 pips from support or resistance. For GBP JPY in this case the strongest support is 184.10 – 184.20 area.
I am a big fan of trendline so the chart below just based on intersection of trendline on H4 timeframe.


TRADING RESULTS = SL, The trade taken was realy good if i have 1:1 RR